Letter Writing IELTS (Task – 1 General) Band 7+

Basics of Letter Writing

  • Types of Letters
  • Difference in Formal, Informal and Semi-formal
  • Structure used in Different Letter

List of Letters

1. You want to recommend someone to work in a company. Write a letter to the manager. In your letter, you should tell: -

2. Write a letter to the local council to stop the closure of a children’s playground in your area. In your letter, you should: -

  • tell him how important the playground is
  • explain why you don’t want to close it
  • suggest what advice you want them take.
  • what the course is
  • how your background knowledge is related to this
  • why this institute is important

4. You are moving with your family to a new city. Write a letter to a housing agent in that city about accommodation. In your letter, you should: -

  • explain why and when you are moving.
  • describe where you want to live
  • state the type of accommodation you require.

5. Writing an invitation letter to a friend for your special celebration. In your letter, you should: -

  • invite your friend to attend the celebration
  • discuss the arrangements/plans you have made
  • offer arrangements for travel and accommodation.

6. Write a letter to your friend who is visiting your apartment while you are gone. In your letter, you should tell: -

  • where the keys are.
  • how to take care of himself while you are away.
  • what to do on the day of when you arrival.

7. Your local newspaper wants to reward people who have contributed a lot to the community. Write a letter to the newspaper. In your letter, you should: -

  • suggest someone who deserves the reward
  • mention what they have done to help the community
  • say what reward you would like to give this person.
  • Explain what the problem is
  • Describe how it is affecting you
  • Make a suggestion about what could be done
  • Explain why you have chosen to visit the same hotel
  • Give them the details of your stay
  • Ask them about any events in the area during your stay
  • Make a suggestion about what you could speak about
  • Find out how long you will need to speak for
  • Ask how many people will be there
  • Explain why you would like to join
  • Describe how you heard / know about the place
  • Describe some of the sports or activities you would be interested in
  • Tell them when you went there
  • Describe where you think you may have left the credit card
  • Explain what you would like the restaurant to do
  • Tell them what you liked and what you didn’t like
  • Make some suggestions for improvement
  • Describe some other exhibits you would like to see
  • Explain why you want the job
  • Describe why you would be a good person for the role
  • Describe any relevant experience you may have

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