Basic English Grammar 1 & 2

Grammar Spelling Rules

Spelling Rules Rule number – 1 The end consonant is usually doubled when there is one vowel letter before it. While adding “ed” or “ing” Stop                Stopped             Stopping Spot                Spotted              Spotting Admit             Admitted           Admitting Regret            Regretted          Regretting Recur              Recurred           Recurring Plan                 Planned             Planning Beg                  Begged              Begging Worship          Worshipped       Worshipping Kidnap             Kidnapped         Kidnapping Travel              Travelled             Travelling […]

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List of Verbs

Base form – Ist Form Past simple – 2nd Form Past Participle – 3rd form अर्थ Abide Abode Abode पालन करना Abuse Abused Abused गाली देना Admire Admired Admired प्रशंसा करना Allow Allowed Allowed आज्ञा देना Appear Appeared Appeared प्रकट होना Apply Applied Applied आवेदन करना Arise Arose Arisen उठना, उदय होना Arrive Arrived Arrived

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List of Adjectives

Adjective Comparative Superlative Angry angrier angriest Bad worse worst Big bigger biggest Bitter bitterer bitterest Black blacker blackest Bland blander blandest bloody bloodier bloodiest blue bluer bluest bold bolder boldest bossy bossier bossiest brave braver bravest Brief briefer briefest Bright brighter brightest Broad broader broadest Busy busier busiest Calm calmer calmest Cheap cheaper cheapest Chewy

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