Some people believe that we should use as much water we want; whereas others say that there should be some restrictions on the water usage as it is a limited natural resource. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

It is generally thought by some that consumption of water quantity should be according to the persons’ will; while, others are of the view that there should be limitations on water use. I believe that potable water is scarce and unnecessary usage of water ought to be restricted.

Those who hold the opinion that water can be used as much they need think that water is the absolute basic need for their survival and should be available in abundance. In other words, water is used in many daily activities ranging from cooking, washing, and cleaning to bathing. So, putting restrictions on the water usage can create problems in doing their routine chores. In addition to this, they think that there is infinite water present in the world. For instance, the existence of rivers and oceans make them feel that they will never run short of water in their entire life.

I, however, side with those who believe that there is a need to restrict the water consumption because there is a huge shortage in the supply of potable water. To elaborate on this, the fresh drinking water is only 2.5% of the total water available on the earth and it is decreasing at a very fast pace. Even some countries are already feeling the heat of its scarcity as their water reserves are going dry. It is of no doubt that if we do not keep our water consumption under check, there will be drastic consequences in the near future. Therefore, limited use of water is the only solution which can save our future from this life-threatening disaster.

In conclusion, although people have contrasting views about whether water usage should be restricted or not, I feel that drinking water is not infinite and some countries have faced its shortage like South Africa and some might deal with it soon. Thus, limiting the water usage is a viable option along with educating people about water shortage issues.

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